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Welcome, Lancers

Interested in participating in SHARE?
Click THE IMAGE to sign up for renovation sensation 

  • STOP BY the SHARE room (4th floor/North Stairwell) if you have ideas or questions or just to say "hi". 

  • FOLLOW US on Instagram @ sme_share and sme.freshman.connection and on Tik Tok @sme_share for updates


If you find a project that you would like to participate in, fill out a contact form and we will let the Chair of the project know that you are interested.


See recent requests for volunteer service here!


Did you miss sign-ups, or want to get more involved? Check out the "Calendar" page. The calendar has all the projects for the upcoming months. Click on each event to see details about the project and who to contact.  Or sign up to get text alerts for other volunteer requests here.

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