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Service hours & awards

Nothing is more rewarding than giving yourself and time to the service of others in need. No one ever regrets helping someone else. Usually, we get more than we give! But serving others also demonstrates good and generous character. Colleges, companies and other organizations like to be associated with people like that! So never hesitate to take credit for the person you are! Below is information about what service hours to submit and how to do it. And two awards you can work toward while at SME that will look great on college and career resumes!

Tracking Your Hours

What Awards Can I Earn?
SHARE certifies two service awards. The Presidential Service Award, which is annual and can be earned each year. And the East Service Award which is awarded at graduation for 150 cumulative hours of service throughout high school.

What Counts for Service Hours? Any time you spend helping others (inside or outside SME) that you don't get paid for, don't get a grade for and isn't an expectation of an activity you benefit from (I.e. fundraising for sports and other organizations you belong to). If you can "choose" to do it and it doesn't directly benefit you but benefits someone else, it counts! Examples within school include NHS hours, Link Crew Involvement, SHARE projects (of course!), Coalition work, STUCO service activities, student boards you serve on to better the school, and tutoring. Examples outside of school include: time you give to any not-for-profit organization, service to your church or other community organization, tutoring, coaching and teaching others in your neighborhood and community. Travel time to and from projects also counts! Please see the service hours form for more direction. 

How do I submit? Use the form above. All forms must be submitted by March 31st of each school year for processing for awards and updating Skyward
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