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What is share?


SHARE students have 40-50 projects in which to volunteer each year. While we have basic projects that we do every year our projects change from year to year because the students decide what we're doing. We encourage students to follow their interests. Each project that we do has a Chair person and those Chair people are directed by eight SHARE Student Execs. We also have a director and an adult Advisory Board who guide and coordinate SHARE's activities. SHARE also hosts SME Senior Service Day, an October morning during which our senior class contributes as a whole to our community. We also sponsor the Junior Board program, providing an educational approach to service, with an opportunity to win award money for chosen not-for-profit organizations.



  • SHARE is led by the students. While there are adults there for advice, the students make the ultimate             decisions. They have a sense of ownership in each of their programs, because making it happen is up to them.

  • More students are involved in SHARE than any other program at East.

  • SHARE is completely voluntary. There is no "volunteer hours" requirement to graduate from SME.  

  • All of SHARE's funding comes from our supporters. Our office is generously paid for by the school district.

  • SHARE has the reputation as the largest not-for-profit, student led, school based youth volunteer organization in the country.

  • SHARE is fun. We believe that to truly engage youth in service, their beginning volunteer experiences must be something they enjoy.

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