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Check the list of volunteer projects and organizations here and tell us what interests you! OR, bring us a new idea or organization or a project.


email: or

Join the SHARE Google classroom here for more information:

Classroom code: r9l44sx 

Chairing a service project is a great way to gain leadership and organizational skills, all while doing some good! SHARE Chairs demonstrate the following:


A heart for volunteer service to the school, community and/or world.

A commitment to see a project through to the best of your ability.

A willingness to work with others and be accountable.


Consider your passion, when choosing a project or developing an idea for a service project. See the guide below to help you. Then, talk to Krissie Wiggins or Sheryl Kaplan in the SHARE room (4th floor north stairwell), if you need some additional guidance or to learn about organizations that might interest you.


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