junior Board

2019-20 JB Team Registration


October 29th

Turn into the SHARE room or bring to the meeting.

Junior Board is a program where teams of students research the not-for-profit world in monthly meetings. Each team will choose an organization in the KC area to represent and will compete in April for grant money, presenting to a panel of local non -profit executives and philanthropists. SME is the first high school to offer the Junior Board program.  Many distinguished universities around the country already are offering similar programs, as well as degrees in not-for-profit fields.

Contact our SME Junior Board Execs with Questions:


Andrew Wurst -- awurstttt@gmail.com

Olive Henry -- oahenry@gmail.com

Sophie Green -- 3064685@smsd.org

JB Calendar


October 8th: Informational meeting

October 29th: Teams Formed; Talk about choosing an organization

November 12th: Showcase videos of successful presentations

December 10th: Organizations chosen; How to perform financial research 


Winter Break: Attempt to go on site visit


January 14th (post Winter Break meeting) check on site visit progress (completed or scheduled), get overall progress, emotional connections

----Site visit done by Martin Luther King Jr Day ----


February 11th: Demonstrate how to make good slides, presentation skills for anyone who needs

March 10th: Main info and research due, slides started, bulk of info due (rough draft)

Week of April 5-6th -- Rehearsals/possible elimination round, days/times TBD based on # of teams

April 19-20th: Presentations, days/times TBD based on # of teams